Our Facilities

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Shared molecular biology space located on the 5th floor of Carpenter Building.

This space is used for high biomass samples, as well as any post-amplification processing.

Modern Low Biomass DNA Laboratory

The low biomass lab is located on the 4th floor of the Carpenter Building.

This ultra-clean lab has the same specifications as an ancient DNA lab to minimize contamination on low biomass or degarded modern samples.

The lab was recently completed in September 2020.

Ancient DNA Laboratory

Penn State Ancient Biomolecules Research Environment (PSABRE)

The ancient DNA labs are located in the Hallowell Building separate to modern DNA labs.

These ultra-clean labs have specifications such as positive air pressure, HEPA-filtered air and UV lights to minimize contamination on old and degraded samples.

These labs were completed in July 2021.