Our Team

A transdiciplinary team of microbiologists, archaeologists, and paleogenomicists studying how microbiomes adapt and evolve in real time.

Our Research Topics

We explore how and why microbial communities change and adapt through time. Our research team is founded on five main pillars of research that survey microbial communities in anything from Antarctic ice to a human tooth.

Ancient Human Microbiota

Exploring ancient human microbiota evolution and adaptation over time

Ancient Animal Microbiota

Examining ancient animal microbiota to learn about their health and diet

Ancient Environmental Microbiota

Studying soils, sediments, calcite, and ice to learn about the biolgoical past

Modern Human Oral Microbiomes

Working with living people to improve dental health in the future

Model Systems of Oral Microbiota

Using mouse and in-vitro models to explore microbial adaptations